Scanning technology is the next evolution in consumer Engagement

BRANDSCAN™ app uses the technology in your smartphone… scans your company logo and brings up media that will create more interactive and engaging experiences for your fans, customers, and followers. You can differentiate your brand from competitors and create a lasting impression.

Our Patented App Empowers Your Brand!

Visual Search

Have you ever wanted to Search the brands of the world and discover ways to interact on a personal level? Enter BrandScan. The most engaging mobile visual scan engine, powered by BrandScan Media.

A New Understanding of Scan Technology


Capturing the brands you see every day has never been easier. Simply scan a logo and BrandScan delivers engaging content to you.


BandScan sees an image and can deliver personal messaging from team officials, players or corporate sponsors.


BrandScan can deliver content relative to that moment in time.  Pre-game, in-game or post-game…when consumers scan a brand they get engaged now.

What Sets BRANDSCAN Apart?

To start, every BRANDSCAN™ experience is custom-made to each company so no two BRANDSCANs are the same. Stand out from the crowd of presentation platforms and go beyond just creating pretty presentations or media that seems general.  When you personalize the media, it’s like consumer engagement on steroids!

Harness Brand Potential

Experience the game-changing capabilities of BrandScan, where your existing logos, packaging, photos and pictures become dynamic, scanable markers. Our advanced technology enables seamless scanning on your phone, eliminating the need for new graphics.

Customize Your Brand Message

With BrandScan, you have complete control over the message you deliver. Engage your audience with factual information, clear instructions, captivating stories or entertaining anecdotes. Enhance your message by incorporating additional details like upcoming events, exclusive or cross advertising opportunities.

Versatile Message Formats

BrandScan offers diverse message formats tailored to your preferences. Design captivating videos, eye-catching scrolling images, engaging text, or  combine them for maximum impact. Our user-friendly platform allows you to effortlessly change your message as frequently as desired, while the marker remains constant. Build comprehensive library of messages for a single image.

Customize Your Marker

Customizing the marker associated with your brand message is simple. Just inform us about the desired connection between your message and the marker, and we handle the rest. Enjoy the flexibility of multiple markers with corresponding messages. BrandScan empowers you with unparalleled versatility.

Seamless Accessibility

Give people the opportunity to interact with your brand message anytime, anywhere. BrandScan allows users to access your message whenever the marker is available for scanning. Capture attention and engage your target audience no matter the time or location.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Stand out from your competitors and leave a lasting impression with BrandScan. Embrace innovation and leverage technology to create curiosity and reinforce your brand identity. With BrandScan, you’ll secure a competitive edge that sets you apart.

Download Now… It’s Free

Experience the power of BrandScan by downloading our app for free from both the App Store and Google Play. Start unlocking the potential of your ideas and revolutionize your business interactions.